Chef Chris McKnight

The Fat Pelican

Chef Chris began his course in the culinary realm back in 1997 when he began working at Logan’s and Outback when he felt strongly that he had a “higher calling”.  After graduating from West Monroe High School in 2001, Chef Chris recalls fondly that he received his first big break in the restaurant industry from Chef Cory Bahr at Restaurant Sage.  Chris remembers vividly how he sought out every opportunity given to him by Chef Bahr, whether it was making salads or washing the dishes, Chris states that he absorbed “what he needed to know”; and, as fate would have it, Chris moved swiftly up the ladder of success to eventually become Executive Chef at Restaurant Sage.

With his dreams pressing him forward, Chef Chris did not let his dreams become muddled and he later rejoined Chef Bahr for a short stint at Restaurant Cotton where his Classic French cuisine sustained his placement in Chef Bahr’s brigade until he found his calling at Cascio’s Tavern in July of 2013.

With sights set high he embarked on a new adventure in 2015. Now Chef Chris McKnight owns and runs The Fat Pelican with his wife, Mandi, serving Southern French cuisine in an environment that he says is “comfortable, relaxing and inviting.”

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