Chef Cody Carroll

Hot Tails Louisiana Crawfish House

Born and raised in the small farmers town of Batchelor, Louisiana. Chef Cody Carroll was always making time to be in the kitchen. His passion for cooking stood out at a young age, while preparing Louisiana game, waterfowl, and fish at his family’s hunting and fishing camps. It was here where his cooking talents really started to flourish. At the age of 18, Cody left the farm to attend Louisiana State University. He graduated from LSU in 2007 with his degree in Business; he then enrolled at the Louisiana Culinary Institute to acquire his degree in Culinary Arts. Cody graduated culinary school in January 2010 and just three months later, turned a former drive-thru convenience store in New Roads into a rustic Cajun restaurant. Hot Tails Louisiana Crawfish House focuses on a mix of Cajun and Creole cuisine with a new touch of creativity. His dishes have been referred to as “Hardcore South Louisiana”. Cody with his extensive background in true Louisiana flavors makes Hot Tails a very unique dining experience. Maintaining his precision and finesse in every dish, while capturing the fun and rustic atmosphere that we all love in Louisiana! Sous Chef: Samantha Neal Carroll

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